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Working Group Biogas

Members in this group are interested in the microbiology and biochemistry behind the formation of biogas. The following aspects and beyond shall be looked into:

  • Pretreatment and disintegration of input material. To achieve this, the approach can either be chemical, thermal, biological or mechanical. Interesting enough shall be a combination of two or more of these approaches so as to increase the efficiency of biogas plants
  • The processes of hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis shall be looked into and how they can be optimised
  •  The problem of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that have a negative impact in the production process of biogas
  • The utilisation of algae as substrate for biogas production
  •  and much more...


Moreover, the Working Group Biogas shall also pay particular attention to the engineering aspects as well as the operation and maintenance of biogas plants. The following aspects shall be looked into:

  • Fermenters, feeding, pumping and stirring technologies for biogas plants
  • Storage, purification and processing of biogas
  • Measurement, control and safety technologies
  • Piping and block-unit heating power plants
  • Efficient use of digestate
  • Operating materials
  • Grid connections for gas, heat and electricity
  • and much more...

Kick-off Meeting European project NATUREEF
On the 24th and 25th of February 2016, the kick-off meeting for the European cluster excellence project NATUREEF took place.

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